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January 9, 2002

"I am fully recovered"

La Hoy

(Translated by Anni at "Your Turn")

Pedro says doctor from Boston will see him
By Jeffrey Nolasco

Attention fans!

The 'touch is back' with Pedro Martinez who seems ready to return in 2002.

The Boston right-hander is fully recovered, and in a short time a doctor will come to the country from Boston to evaluate his incredible improvement.

Martinez explained that he has been doing strength conditioning, special exercises in a swimming pool, and lifting weights to strengthen his shoulder, among other things.

"I have not felt any discomfort and this is the best indication that I am well" assured the the three-time winner of the Cy Young in the Major Leagues.

Martinez spoke about his health during an interview with journalist Tomas Troncoso for "The Sports Week" show produced on Mango TV. He gave credit to working with his trainers and therapists and has taken his recovery very seriously and important for his career.

When he was asked if he would go to Boston for a magnetic resonance test, he said no.

"It is possible that they will have a doctor from Boston see me, but I really know my body and I am certain that I am recovered" he affirmed.

Martinez spoke on the origin of his injury and confirmed that it was the same as before he left after three innings against the Yankees.

"I was not able to give in, I had to pitch. But I began to feel discomfort and for that reason went to be checked by a doctor" he said.

In the interview, Martinez revealed that it was not a good decision for him to pitch those three innings given the discomfort. According to Pedro, he was he was supportive of pitching coach Joe Kerrigan, but as a good soldier did not have any other alternatives than to pitch.

This resulted in much tension, not the conditions that he really wished to be.

Martinez talked about after becoming a celebrity he lost the most important thing in his life: privacy.

He said he likes to get dressed, go to any place and enjoy his friends and family, but he sometimes cannot do it.

In any case, he understands his life and knows he must adapt to those things.

Martinez narrated some of his most important moments in the Major Leagues.

So far, the greatest one was his spectacular six-inning relief against the Cleveland Indians.

"I knew it was a great opportunity to do something great for my team and I did not fail" he said. "I noticed they could not get me out of the game" he added.

Another chapter was the explosive work in the All Star Game in which he was named Most Valuable Player.

He struck out Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, who were the home run kings, consecutively.

"I went to have fun, but suddenly I began to strike out people and the public wanted me to continue, and it was something very emotional for me", he revealed.

Other facts that stand out are his three Cy Young awards, triple crown of pitching and his famous $75 million contract."

January 4, 2002

Rehabilitation - Martinez has begun to pitch

Elvira Trinidad

(Translated by Anni at "Your Turn")

As all Dominicans have a tradition to request a wish for the New Year in the last minutes of every year, Pedro Martinez did not make an exception and requested a most special wish to remain healthy for the 2002 season. "I was reunited with my family to see the arrival of 2002 and prayed to God with all faith possible that he give me health for the next Major League season, and I requested the same for my whole family" said Martinez, who lost two months of the 2001 season because of injury to the pitcher.

Also, the three time Cy Young award winner relegated winning that award second to taking his team to the World Series. "I believe that if I am healthy all season, God will give me great gifts; with health comes all other things that we can enjoy, and then we will be able to go far beyond what many people think", he affirmed.

Martinez has maintained an intense rehabilitation program over the past two months, including a balanced program of weights and swimming, and recently began to pitch in the Campo Las Palmas, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the country, along with his brother Ramon and Juan Guzman.

Spanish version:

Salud, deseo de Pedro

Rehabilitación.- Martínez comenzó a lanzar desde el box recientemente


Todos los dominicanos tenemos como tradición pedir un deseo de año nuevo en el últimos minutos de cada año, Pedro Martínez, no fue la excepción y pidió el deseo más especial que pudo haber perdido, el cual fue de mantenerse en salud toda la temporada del 2002.

‘‘Estuve reunido con mi familia para ver llegar 2002 y le pedí a Dios con toda la fe posible que me diera salud, para la próxima campaña de Grandes Ligas, claro también pedí lo mismo para toda mi familia’’, dijo Martínez, quien por molestias en su hombre de lanzar perdió dos meses de temporada en 2001.

Asimismo, el tres veces ganador del premio Cy Young relegó a un tercer plano la obtención de ese galardón, ubicando en segundo lugar llevar a su equipo la Serie Mundial.

‘‘Creo que si estoy saludable todo el tiempo, Dios me dará grandes logros, con la salud viene todo lo demás y si todos en el conjunto podemos gozar de ella, entonces iremos más allá de lo que muchas personas piensan’’, afirmó.
Martínez ha mantenido durante estos últimos dos meses un intenso programa de rehabilitación que incluye un balanceado programa de pesas, así como la práctica de la natación y recientemente empezó a lanzar en el Campo Las Palmas, hogar de los Dodgers de Los Angeles en el país, junto a su hermano Ramón y Juan Guzmán.

El jugador de 30 años de edad lanzó por última vez el siete de septiembre, frente a los Yanquis de New York, en esa ocasión toleró cuatro hits y tres carreras limpias en tres episodios. En total tuvo marca de 7-3, en 116.2 episodios lanzados, con 163 ponches y una efectividad de 2.39.

Beginning to throw...

December 10, 2001

(Translated by my Spanish Editor Nancy Siddens)


 "I can knock down mangos like in my old days in Manoguayabo," was Pedro Martínez's  expression this past weekend, after his first attempt since September (throwing from) on the mound.

After spending more that two months without throwing a baseball, Boston's superb pitcher pitched for a period of 15 minutes without
feeling any pain, continuing his rehabilitation phase, looking toward a healthy return to the big leagues for the coming season.

Interviewed exclusively by Última Hora, Pedro said, "I am very satisfied with myself and with the fruits of these months of work."

"After pitching for 15 minutes, for the first time in almost over 2 months, I didn't feel any pain. I can go knock down mangos like in old times in Manoguayabo and pick out the ripe and green ones, only taking down the ripe ones. All this makes me feel more optimistic than I was," said Martínez.

Martínez, who pitched for the last time on the 7th of September, has maintained a strict rehabilitation program. The sinuous righthander suffered an injured shoulder last July, which took him out of the rotation for 7 weeks, after which he was examined by orthopedic specialist Lewis Yocum, who put aside the possibility that the 30-year old pitcher would be forced to undergo an operation.

"I have followed step by step all of the rehabilitation program that has been assigned to me, including check up trips to Boston," he explained.

Martínez, who has won 3 Cy Young awards in the majors, had a 7-3 record this past season and 2.39 ERA in 18 outings. In 116.2 innings he permitted 84 hits, 31 runs, 25 walks, and struck out 163 men.


From: UltimaHora Interactive Edition  (the good bad google translated version follows, my Spanish Editor will be along shortly to give the correct translation):

Comenzo to Throw
- Elvira Trinidad

' ' I can knock down handles like in my old times in Manoguayabo '', was the expression of Pedro Martinez, after his first test in the knoll from September, this weekend. After remaining more than two months without throwing a ball, superbo throwing of Boston sent by space of fifteen minutes without feeling pain, in the continuation of its phase of rehabilitation with a view to a healthful return to the Great Leagues in the coming campaign.

Interviewed person in exclusive feature by COMPLETES HOUR, Pedro said that ' ' very I am satisfied with same me and with the fruits of these months of work ' '.

 ' After sending by fifteen minutes, for the first time in almost more than two months, I did not feel pain. I can go like in the old times to knock down handles in Manoguayabo and to select between mature and green, and they only go to fall those that are mature. All this makes me feel more optimist of which was '', Martinez said.

Martinez, who sent for the last time, day 7 of September, has stayed in a strict program of rehabilitation.
The right serpentinero underwent an injury in its shoulder the past month of July, that removed it from the rotation by seven weeks, later was examined by the specialist in ortopedia, Lewis Yocum, who discarded the possibility that the player of 30 years of age was put under an operation.

' ' I have step by step followed all the program of rehabilitation that has assigned to me, including trips from controls to Boston '', expressed.

Martinez, who has gained three Cy prizes Young in the greater ones had record this 7-3 effectiveness and campaign of 2,39 in 18 games. In 116.2 entrances he allowed 84 unstoppable ones, 31 races, 25 bases by balls and ponchó to 163 men.

OK, the Spanish version:


‘‘Puedo tumbar mangos como en mis viejos tiempos en Manoguayabo’’, fue la expresión de Pedro Martínez, luego de su primera prueba en el montículo desde septiembre, este fin de semana.

Después de permanecer más de dos meses sin tirar una pelota, el superbo lanzador de Boston lanzó por espacio de quince minutos sin sentir dolor, en la continuación de su fase de rehabilitación con miras a un regreso saludable a las Grandes Ligas en la venidera campaña.

Entrevistado en exclusividad por ULTIMA HORA, Pedro dijo que ‘‘estoy muy satisfecho conmigo mismo y con los frutos de estos meses de trabajo’’.

‘‘Luego de lanzar por quince minutos, por primera vez en casi más de dos meses, no sentí dolor. Puedo ir como en los viejos tiempos a tumbar mangos en Manoguayabo y seleccionar entre maduro y verde, y sólo van caer los que estén maduro. Todo esto me hace sentir más optimista de lo que estaba’’, dijo Martínez.

Martínez, quien lanzó por última vez, el día 7 de septiembre, se ha mantenido en un estricto programa de rehabilitación.
El serpentinero derecho sufrió una lesión en su hombro el pasado mes de julio, que lo sacó de la rotación por siete semanas, posteriormente fue examinado por el especialista en ortopedia, Lewis Yocum, quien descartó la posibilidad de que el jugador de 30 años de edad fuera sometido a una operación.

‘‘He seguido paso a paso todo el programa de rehabilitación que me han asignado, incluyendo viajes de chequeos a Boston’’, expresó.

Martínez, quien ha ganado tres premios Cy Young en las mayores tuvo récord esta campaña de 7-3 y efectividad de 2.39 en 18 juegos. En 116.2 entradas permitió 84 imparables, 31 carreras, 25 bases por bolas y ponchó a 163 hombres.


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