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A-Rod Grand Slam off Todd Beck
Sinks Sox in 11th
Texas 7 Boston 3

Sox Win Trade Battle, But Losing World Series War

Lose Two of Three to Lousy Pitchers
to Fall 3-1/2 Behind New York

Walkoff Texas Rangers

For Pete's Sake!

Martinez Can't Win
(And wonders if he packed his toothbrush
for his latest Dominican vacation)

"Stopper" Goes 6, Throws Soft. Shoulder? Bullpen Saves Him from Second Straight Loss

Pedro Ali Torches Team: Flies Back to Dominican to Watch Juan Marichal
Light Flame for Games

Pan-Mass Challenge was
Apparently Too Close to Home

Trot summer night in texas

#7 Ties it Up in Bottom of 9th

Dirt Dog Beefs Up and Gives Us 20

Twenty home runs. Number two in OPS in the American League behind Carlos Delgado. Number three in RC/27 (Runs Created per 27 outs) in Major League Baseball behind Barry Bonds and Albert Pujols.



"After this loss, are you finished?"

"Do you think Walk A or Hit B cost you the game?"


Mr. Jones Gets Pitcher's Block

We've got it all figured out after three weeks too

 Williamson is on His Way
Where You Been Baby? Needed You Tonight.

Birmingham News Beat Reporter Blows Game for Sox After Closer by Kimmittee Gets Out of Jam

"They are the most negative spin doctors I've run into." - Todd Hemingway Jones

Pen is Mightier Than His Arm

"When it goes bad, you're sad"
(He's a poet too, and should have plenty of time to write)

Sox Get Starter From Scratch

Soups On. Sanchez Gone.

Jeff Suppan and Brandon Lyon Return to Boston.
Freddy, We Hardly Knew Ye.

Sox Win Trade Battle, But Losing World Series War

"We look at the two deals as one whole getting a left-handed reliever and a starter for one prospect. It's going to take an outstanding team to beat the Yankees." - Theo Epstein

"Boo Hoo! I can't believe Sanchez is gone. I'm gonna kill myself rather than enjoy a good pennant run with a good 5th starter. Having middling prospects for next season is far more important. I can't imagine how they will ever find a good-fielding, light-slugging middle infielder in his late 20's ever again...

Get a lifewe needed a 5th starter way more than Freddy!" - 5dice SoSH

A Little Give and Take:

(Also part of the (original) deal, Anastacio Martinez back to Boston for Pawtucket lefthander Mike Gonzalez.)

Sox Underpromise, Overdeliver.

Theo Gets Best Man Available (after Vazquez pulled off table)

Thursday July 31, 1:37am

Theo: "I'm not too optimistic."

Per late night email from Theo, nothing will happen on the trade front (overnight) and don't be too optimistic about a deal happening (by the 4:00pm deadline). Please try not to get your hopes up. (Maybe something will shake loose later.)

And All That Vaz: Selig Takes Javier Off the Table

Sox Were Going After Vazquez
But Deal with Montreal was a Longshot

Don't Ask Me About My Business, Kay

(photo: Dennis Upperdeckersley of SoSH)

"If we find out you're the leak, you will not be in a good place."

Starter from Scratch?
Theo goes Big-time for a Frontline. Vazquez for Fossum and Then Some? Gammons Says "Fiction."

Pittsburgh Says 'No Suppan for You!'

Duke Takes Center Stage

Mr. Personality in Pittsfield

No More Hanging Chad, Fox Released

Jason Shiell called back up until Friday.

Dead Man Walkin'

'Doza Off. Sox are All Hat and No Cattle
(And No Bats, No Battle) Texas 9 Boston 2

"He had a rough night out there, got a lot of balls up, they hit 'em out.
We're not worried about the kid's confidence." - G. Little


Mighty Mueller Power, Rangers.

Grand Old Mueller Time

3 Home Runs, 9 RBI for Mueller, Sets Major League Mark for 2 Grand Slams from Both Sides of Plate in Same Game, Sox Win 14-7

Comeback Kids Take Show on the Road

Dickey only goes five (it's a game of inches.)
Our two-left-feet left fielder hurts left leg.

Trade Winds Blow Across Texas


Theo Gets Great Scott

Closer-by-Kimmittee at End?
Sox Still Looking for Starter.

"A great opportunity came along, and we feel that we made our team a lot better. We're not done. Right now it makes the most sense to have Williamson setting up Kim because of their contrasting style." - T. Epstein.

The Boston Red Sox acquired Cincinnati Reds closer Scott Williamson, the NL Rookie of the Year in 1999, had converted 21 of 26 save opportunities. He has a one-year deal for $1.6 million. The Reds got left-hander Phillip Dumatrait, an A-ball player to be named and an undisclosed amount of cash. Dumatrait, 22, was 7-5 with a 3.02 ERA in 21 games at Class A Sarasota.



It's OK to Overpay, for Starters

Theo Working Phones Around the Clock


Sox Hope to Keep Arlington
a Dry Town for Hot Texas


The Moody Professor Teaches Kids About the Business of Baseball, Shocking Parents at Hit Dog U.

Nomar's Got a Big But

Garciaparra tells Campers on Friday: "I love playing for the Red Sox but there's a business side that I have no control over."

Short Stop Still an Unhappy Camper

"It's starting to fester now. His world is shrinking even more than it was."

Garciaparra no longer veils his contempt for the local media, whom he views as an impediment to his trade. "My job is not to facilitate your job," he said. This isn't an issue in itself. But it becomes one if the bad feelings extend to the fans, as some teammates privately contend they have.

"They're too negative for him," one said earlier this season.


Nation awakes to brand new day. No Yankee hangovers.

Damon, Tek (3-Run Jack) Go Back to Back, Ortiz Gets Game Winner Again as Sox
Rally Past Yankees to Win Series

 6-4 Boston

Kim, Manny Hang On

Here Come the Red Sox, Only 1-1/2 Games Back

He's a Talking Manny and a Dirt Dog Too.

"This series is one we're going to remember forever... We went crazy (after Varitek's homer). Everyone was pushing everybody. Then when Johnny hit the next one we were saying, 'This is it. We've got to win this one.'... I just went hard (on the game ending catch). As long as you go hard, that's all that matters."

Yanks Turn Tek Around

Jason Does Same for Game

Dream Weaver was a Nightmare for Sox

Bronx Bonger was Rolling Along While D-Lowe was Just So-So

Maybe God Doesn’t Hate the Red Sox After All

After Friday night’s demoralizing loss, the odds in Vegas on the Sox being only 1.5 out of first come Sunday night were not too encouraging, but somehow it happened. The natural reaction is to say that God doesn’t really hate the Red Sox nation, but if that were entirely true he never would have forced Sox fans to sit through a Rick Sutcliffe broadcast (supposedly when people go to hell, Sutcliffe and Jeanne Zelasko team up to do the broadcasting of all major sporting events).  But in the end, the Red Sox won.

Clearly a lot of good things happened this weekend. Anytime the Sox win a series against the Empire it’s always important. The Red Sox showed that it is constitutionally legal to win a game against the Yankees even though the score was tied after the 7th inning. The fact that they needed to blow a 4 run lead to do it is another story. Let’s instead focus on the fact that JB scuffed the ball up pretty good for 5 and a third on Saturday while David Ortiz and Jason Varitek continued their battle for the 2003 “Yankee-Killer of the Year” award. And in the end, the Red Sox won.

But to be truly fair, while the Sox did win the series there were certainly some pretty disturbing events taking place. Sox closer Byung-Hyun Kim didn’t really do much to persuade anyone to think he’s licked that Yankee problem (did he really walk the leadoff man in the 9th on Sunday? Did Sauerbeck really do it in the 8th?). Also, while everyone thought that once Jose Offerman (a.k.a. “The Anti-Christ”) was released that the Red Sox would be able to turn a double play, Bill Mueller and Damian Jackson, who coincidentally are known as good defensive players, proved otherwise. And when your manager gets outfoxed by Tim McCarver on a national broadcast, that could be the sign of a problem.

But while it was far from a perfect weekend, in the end, the Sox won. Sometimes that’s all that counts.

- Chris Marcus


The Big O
Steals the Show

Good Times for
Olde Towne Team

Ortiz Comes Through in a Pinch After Little G Gets Them Going

Ninth Inning Winning,
Red Sox 5, Yankees 4

Old Man Winner

John Dough: Burkett is
Money Against Yankees


Losing Another Fighting Battle


Pedro lets umps get in his head, leaves on short end of score after 6-2/3, can't beat the Yankees for the 14th time in 21 starts,
then slips out the back door after the game without facing music.

Same old, same old. Yankees 4 Red Sox 3

"I love Pedro. He is my favorite pitcher in the world. He was valiant through 128 pitches tonight.

But the curveball to Bernie was a full-out mistake. A tactical error. He was throwing fastballs and changeups tonight with fabulous results. He was not using the curveball and was exactly where he needed to be.

But Pedro was in no way a magician tonight. The pitch that gave Bernie his chance to shine was a curveball which he should not have thrown, for two reasons. First of all, everyone is baseball will advise you "not to let a hitter beat you on your second best pitch. Go with your best." In this case, Bernie beat Pedro on his third best pitch. And it was not even a good sharp curveball. It was a hanger, plain and simple. The old Bernie hits that pitch out of the park.

Pedro is amazing. I have loved him his entire career. But a young Pedro gives up zero, or one...maybe two runs, tonight. What he did tonight was nice...very impressive. But this was not magical, was not a joy to watch. He pitched very well...more than competently. For a truly magical Pedro, please see 3-4 years ago (1999).

I'm just saying, I like the optimism, but let's not go overboard. Petey could have won this game for them tonight. Instead,
he did not." - notmannysfault, SoSH

Take the C out of Closer

BK gets burned by Yankees again. His balls always manage to find bats (or batters). Kim ain't no Goose Gossage in the 9th.

The More Things Change…

Once again, Pedro starts against the Yankees and when it’s all over, the Yankees win. Sound familiar? Pedro pitches well and the game is tied in the late innings but the Yankees win. Enrique Wilson puts on yet another hitting clinic, somehow steals second base in the 9th inning (10 career stolen bases…17 career caught stealing) and the Yankees win. This is the same loss the Sox have been losing on a frequent basis to the Yankees lately and it’s not really all that enjoyable anymore.

Like most of the close losses to the Yankees, there wasn’t really one particular moment that defined this game, but rather a collection of painful plays. Manny forgets how many outs there are, Bernie Williams hits a 2-out rbi single to give the Yankees a 3-2 lead, BK continues his dominance of the Yankees…take your pick. This game also featured an added bonus of a game-losing 9th inning run (also familiar). By the time Michael Kay (he actually sounds more annoying each inning) finished mentioning how Kim hadn’t allowed an earned run since being moved to the bullpen, Enrique Henderson was 3 quarters of the way around the diamond. The fantastic evening finally came to an end on another “close but no cigar” rally in the bottom of the 9th (nice eye Millar).

It’s just pretty frustrating to see the same loss over and over again. Every time you think it might be different you get disappointed again. After the Sox tied the game in the 8th, they actually had a real chance to win it if Johnny Damon had knocked in the go-ahead run, but as soon he struck out, it was all but over. On an unrelated note, Damon’s strikeout against Jesse Orosco (if Orosco isn’t too old to be on the Yankees, is there any chance Luis Sojo could come back out of retirement?) with the bases loaded didn’t help much either.

So now the Sox are 3.5 out of first and they have John Burkett listed as the Saturday starter. Not a good combination. But hey, at least they’re still leading the wild card.

- Chris Marcus


Hey Kevin Millar, try to figure out how to shorten your swing by about a mile instead of doing 400 media interviews the day of the game. Hack-o-rama buddy.

Hey ManRam, stop running Sponge Bob Square Pants marathons through your mind and remember how many outs there are.

Hey Johnny Rock Star, how about getting the ball in play against a 75-year-old man with the game on the line?

Losers Lose When They're Losing:
Grady Just Happy to be Here

"I think that anybody that watched that game tonight had to enjoy it" - G. Little

Litle Loses on Lefty Lefty and
Yanks Give Sox the Runaround

Herald now confirms Fossum on the block as teased here


Playing Possum? Or Trading Fossum?

Theo needs to get real #3 starter if Sox want to be #1 in the end.
Forget the "minor tweaking, incremental improvement" Lucchino BS.
Spend some dough and pack a couple of guys to go. Pronto.




Sox Primed to Sweep into First Place at Fenway.

Wells Runs Dry Again Tonight

For Pedro, the Rest is History

It's time for Part-Time to go nine if necessary.

Any wiggle room on bad elbow? Lyon fails MRI with Pirates.



No Sympathy from the Devil Rays

Tampa Bay Bombs Boston with 21-Hit Attack

Mendozah the Loosah

Ramiro's no hero today. Rotten tomato shirts are solid backdrop for white balls. Gascan Chad is lousy like a Fox.

Red Shirt Diaries:
Little Margin for Error

86spike on SoSH: "well... 8 runs later and it really seems like Grady could've been in a nice sweet spot had he only pulled Ramiro after four or even if he'd brought in Todd Jones in the 5th instead of Gascan Chad... Any chance at all that Grady takes the blame? Can we get a simple "This one's on me, Chad hadn't gotten much use lately and I brought him into a tough spot." ? I'd say no way Grady admits any blame... he'll just throw Ramiro and Fox under the bus and hope Theo wasn't paying attention today."

Caught Looking Ahead.
Devil Dogs 15 Dirt Dogs 9


The Mamas and the Parras

False Alarm.
Manny's Mom OK.

Onelcida Ramirez gets back to work.

California Dreamin'

If Nomar leaves our town (Nomar leaves our town)
We don't have to pay (what will people say?)
Free agents will walk (Free agents will walk)
On a winter's day (on a winter's day)
He'd be safe and warm (He'd be safe and warm)
If he was in L.A. (If he was in L.A.)
California dreamin' (California dreamin')
On Nomar's 30th birthday

Stopped in to a church
He passed along the way
Well, he got down on his knees (got down on his knees)
And he pretended to pray (he pretended to pray)
You know Ted Williams liked the cold (Teddy liked the cold)
He thinks I'm gonna stay (but I'm going away)
California dreamin' (California dreamin')
On Nomar's 30th birthday

If Nomar leaves our town (Nomar leaves our town)
We don't have to pay (what will people say?)
He won't take a walk (He won't take a walk)
Or do what Grady say (or do what Grady say)

If he wasn't signed here (if he wasn't signed here)
He would leave today (He would leave today)
California dreamin' (California dreamin')
On Nomar's 30th birthday
California dreamin' (California dreamin')
On Nomar's 30th birthday
California dreamin' (California dreamin')
On Nomar's 30th birthday

(Jimmy Fallon played this version, acoustic, at Nomar's birthday bash at Olives Wednesday night :-)

"Sun, beach, what else is there?"

How You Feelin'?
Trot, Trot, Trot.

10-4 Good Buddy
Sweet 16 is Grand, Sox get 7 in 7.

"I've been at the plate a few times with the bases loaded and haven't been successful, it's a good feeling."

Out Again and Take Another Floating Halladay

Friday: Pedro vs. Wells
(the start of Pete's life to date)
Saturday: Burkett vs. Mussina
(yuk, warm the pen up now)
Sunday: Lowe vs. Weaver
(The Bronx Bonger gets smoked)

Feeling Stronger Every Day

Manny's Mama getting around much better.
(Onelcida Ramirez second from right, bottom row)

Unhappy Birthday Boy

"I just want to play. I just play baseball and go home. It's not that hard. I grew up, I went to the beach and I played baseball, then I went back to the beach. Simple. Sun, beach, what else is there?''

... So, Nomar. Are you happier now than you were last year?

''I don't know,'' he said. ''I can't answer that question. It doesn't matter how I answer it. Somebody's going to perceive something. I don't wish to answer it. Whatever. 'Cuz it doesn't matter how I answer it, somebody's going to go out and write that he's not this or that. They're going to interpret anything they want.''

Nomar Makes You Feel Warm and Fuzzy All Over


Detroit Can't Compete with
The Ultimate Dirt Dog Machine

Shea Who? Mueller Hits His 10th. Millar Goes Over The Wall,
Tek Back-to-Back for 17th too. 
D-Lowe Goes 8, 7-4 Sox


The Boston Red Sox have acquired left-hander Scott Sauerbeck and
left-hander Mike Gonzalez from the Pittsburgh Pirates for right-hander Brandon Lyon and right-hander Anastacio Martinez :-)

Sox Get Sauerbeck. Sweet.

Trade Front Finally Gets Noisy.

Theo on pre-game: "This particular two-for-two deal wasn't discussed until today. We wanted to get help for this year's club. Sauerbeck has a terrific curve, he wants the ball with the game on the line, gets lefties out and is tough on righties as well. We also got help with the upper levels of farm with Mike Gonzalez who was throwing 92-96 last night, and has been throwing in the 90s since the fall. He battled through back spasms earlier but is a young Alan Embree. You could see him sooner than you might think. The scouts see him as more than a set-up man. He could be closer as well. Having three lefties will give us great flexibility in the bullpen. We have a doubleheader on August 8th, maybe we'll stretch Casey out... we're so excited about today's move. The Yankees and Oakland are tough against right-handers. We'll be facing Durazo, Chavez, Giambi... every big out counts to get where we want to go."


Momma's Boy is Perfect Son

Just Another Manny Monday, Ramirez Goes 4-4 with 23rd HR


Left Fielder Leads Romp Over Paper Tigers.
This Time Ball Leaves Park Early.

Mother Nature Takes Over as Walker, Giambi, Damon, Millar, Mueller Bats Come Back.
 Sox 14, Detroit 5

(Bring on the Yankees Already, This is Silly)

All Quiet on the Trade Front. Trot's Not Going Anywhere.

"Look Manny, No Hands!"

Momma Ramirez Feeling Better

She's Back Off Her Feet in Florida

"How 'Bout a Kiss 108?"

Millar Tries to Get Lucky with 108-Years-Young Mary Ray While She Complains About the Dominican Divas (Even She Doesn't Remember the Last Championship in 19-You-Know-When).


Sox Put on Sunday Best

Pedro Gets Plenty of Rest but South Flying Blue Jays are Not a Good Test

Part-Time Strikes Out Eight Over Seven

Way Back Pay Back, Red Sox Roll 9-4


Who's Your Mommy

Trot Turns it Around

Nixon, Mommy Come Through in the Clutch. Toronto Can't Keep Up with the Jones,
Red Sox Rally to Steal Win in 10, 5-4


Bats Won't Wake Up, Sox Still on Break

Toronto Trips Sox Again, Escobar None,
Jays 4 Sox 1

Curse of the Faintino? Manny in Major Slump


Big Night for Halladay,
Pedro Still on Holiday

Another Lowe Point for Sox as
Halladazed and Confused, Jays 5 Sox 2

U.S. Customs Has Delays!

(Apparently this is news to Pedro)

Arrival Time 5:40 E.D.T.

(Enabled Dominican Time)


"Fainting" Spells Trouble for Manny

Ramirez, Moorad Make the Call, Claim Mother "Fainted"

(in Her Sleep Apparently, if That's Even Possible, This Story Has More Holes Than a Pound of Swiss Cheese)

She must have dreamed that Manny sprinted out of the batter's box after hitting the ball

Lucchino is "Pissed" at Pinocchio Ramirez

LL: "Sure we'd like to know the truth but we're not going to conduct a complete investigation of all the witnesses involved."

LL: "...You guys won't let this go, c'mon it's been four days now..."

Callahan: "Hey go back to San Diego if you don't like it!"

- LL and GC on D&C WEEI 7.17

Theo Not Thrilled Either

Above: Manny and Moorad Discuss Second Story. Grady Finally Gets His Call Back Today,
"Sick" Day is Now a "Fainting" Spell.

Soft in the Little Now

Divas Come Back to Face the Music Tomorrow After Burkett, Manny, and Pedro Toss Grady Under Bus

Let's Talk: Sit Down Expected Between Players

"The absence of both players created some grumbling among their teammates, none of whom wished to have their names associated with their uneasiness about the early excusals." - Herald, Silverman 7.15

RemDog in SoSH Chat: "For some players, it's a major issue... My opinion is, I believe you should be with your team until the end --- Unless, in an emergency."



Country Clubhouse Chat Coming for Prima Goners

Full-Time Players to Have Pow-Wow
with Early Exit Birds Tomorrow

New York Daily News Slams Dominican Divas

"As usual, Sox fail to show, Manny, Pedro go own way"

Rico: "The Red Sox should send a spy down there to find out what the heck is going on." - 7.14.03

Maybe He Sent Grady a Postcard?

Miami Manny MIA

Is Ramirez a Phoney? You Make the Call.

Game Seven in Boston (if necessary)

AL Wins 7-6, No Tek, No Hit for Nomar


Players Privately Furious About Dominican Divas Early Exits

Public Comments: ''I can't comment on why they're not there,'' Varitek said.
''I don't know what the reasons are. We're just going to go on and try and prepare to play games. I don't know what went on with the manager.
I don't know what may have gone on with anyone else.
All I know is we faced a tough pitcher [Sunday].''

Theo: ''I have no public comment about that."

(No one cares about Burkett, that's expected from him)

Nomar Au Revoir?

All-Star to Blame Media if He Goes Far Away


Prima Goners

Diva Duet (and Mr. Burkett)
Get Out of Dodge Early While Team Toughs it Out to the Finish

(25 guys, 25 planes?)

Manny Uses the Mother of All Star Excuses (after the grandmother of All Star excuses two years ago) to Split Early for Big Game Blowoff. Upset Players Don't Buy What Manny's Selling.

The Little Enabler

Little needs to understand that other inhabitants of his clubhouse view him as an enabler (one also cited general manager Theo Epstein in the same light).


If the Phone Don't Ring, That's Ramirez on the Other End Grady

Not-So-Smooth Operator
Miami Manny's Mobile Goes Down After 5:45am Sick Call

Oh and the Dog Ate My Win, Detroit 3 Boston 0

(Why Can't We Get Players Like Ledezma?)

Yankees Tough, Together to the End

Jason Giambi plays with bad wrist, knee and never asked Joe Torre for a day off. "With Derek [Jeter], Bernie [Williams] and Nick [Johnson] out, I had to play," Giambi said. "That's what you are supposed to do - play. With those guys out I couldn't sit out." And Roger Clemens offers to pitch relief Sunday if needed... while some Sox were long gone and hard to find.

Part-Time Pedro
Hits the Beach Early


Martinez Slips Out of Motown During His Start. Pitch Count King Won't Stay for Eighth Inning, Starts Seven Day Vacation Early.

Nixon Gaffe Doesn't Hurt, Sox Win 4-2


Long John

Burkett Gets Through Seventh Inning.
Sox Keep Winning.

Boston 5 Detroit 3

Walker Up and Running. High Tek Industry Booming.

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad?

Lucchinote Speeches on Pedro Starts and Stops

7.11.03: 96.9-FM Talk. Lucchino. Lobel. Shaughnessy.

"Where's the Pedro of '99... 'give me the ball'.. his finest moment. He's only started 15 games all year and now they're throwing away one of his starts? As a fan, this bothers me..." - D. Shaughnessy

Shaughnessy: "I'm not gonna be writing any columns in the next week or so because I just got back from the Dominican and I've got to take a few days off (laughs all around -- LL: Oh here we go, we're gonna jump on Pedro) You guys have got to be kidding me that you're allowing this to go on, your best pitcher is not gonna pitch the first game after the All-Star break and is now like, taking like eight days off in order to pitch against the Yankees when he could stay in turn and still pitch against the Yankees, what's going on?

Lucchino: Well the determination of the rotation is something that belongs to the manager and to the pitching coach, it always has, and it always should be (nope, see Yesterday, Byrnes, Josh), now there is certainly input from the front office but that comes from the GM who speaks freely and frequently with the manager. I have not been in the loop, I am not going to insert myself into the loop. One of the things Grady Little has done with some degree of success for the last year and a half is to keep Pedro Martinez healthy and keep him performing at a fairly high level even though he's coming off the most serious injury of his career (huh? the lat strain?). So...

Shaughnessy: Well how about staying in the country during the baseball season. The way the manager is putting this is he doesn't want him to take the ball after coming back from the Dominican on Thursday, so Derek Lowe is going to do that who's only coming back from Michigan. It offends my senses as somone who follows the team that you guys aren't getting maximum mileage, bang for the buck out of starts for this guy?

Lucchino: Well, you have a point, that he is being treated with 'special care' not because of his sensibilities, or his travel schedule (Oops, see Little, Grady, Wednesday) as much as because of his health and stage in career (twilight??). I do think this is about preserving Pedro for this entire season and for seasons to come... it is a long season, there is a real grind to it. The All-Star break is like gold to these guys. It is a very important break in the schedule. I know we in the front office certainly feel that way too... Grady should get some degree of credit and recognition for the successful way he has handled these players. Look at the disabled list, the degree and harmony and comfort. His attitude toward pacing has been part of it.

Lobel: My issue isthe three possible starts he could make and still pitch against the Yankees (DS: You're losing a start)... he just had a month off granted to recoup from the injury, why does he have to have this extra time off when he could be starting three times as opposed to two?

Lucchino: I understand that... I understand your concern. All I can say is what I said before: One, it's his decision. And we're not gonna interfere with it. And two, the way he has handled Pedro and some of the other players has been successful. And if he wants a healthy, productive, rested Pedro pitching in September and dare I say October, then this may be part of that strategy. I think he's thinking long term, and not short term and you can criticize him for that but that's part of his job.

Shaughnessy: How would your mentor Edward Bennett Williams feel about this strategy?

Lucchino: Uh, he might think a conversation with the manager was in order...

Dirt Dog All-Star: "These guys go out and get the uniform dirty, then they go out the next day and get the uniform dirty all over again." -- J. Varitek 7.11.03


Bull 'Doza

Pen Strong Again, Mendoza Line was Just Fine

Good Bill Hunting

Mueller a Perfect 4-4 as Sox Sweep,
Ortiz, Millar Hit Back-to-Back Blasts, Gabe Adds Night Kap

Sweep Revenge: Boston 7 Toronto 1

The Yankee Flipper

Grady Gets the Message

Little Tosses and Turns, Then Flip Flops
Martinez Now Pitching Friday vs. Yankees at Fenway

''But if I go home tonight and think of something else,'' Little said with an
impish smile, ''I might have something different tomorrow.''

Translation: ''But if I go home tonight and there's another angry message from
Theo... I might have something different tomorrow.''

Wednesday:  The Ongoing Babying of Martinez Continued:

Small thinking from Little:  ''We need to win all our games, not just against the Yankees. In that series, I don't think it is as critical as winning every game. I think pitching him Sunday is too long to wait, yet at the same time I don't want him flying in from the Dominican Republic and pitching the first day back, either."

Thursday:  Until A Phone Call and a Change of Heart:

“Pedro will be pitching against the two teams that we need to beat in our division, Toronto and New York. That makes a lot of sense, but a big factor is for Pedro himself.

...said Little, who only a day earlier that "Sunday is too long to wait" for Martinez to go too long between starts.

Part-Time Pedro's Not Hurt, Already Missed a Month, But Needs More Rest.

"I think the extra time off will help. That period of time off will make him stronger for the duration of the season and he feels the same way.”


The Yankee Skipper, Pedro MarTEAMez

Pedro's Priority? Pedro, Inc.
And Gutless Grady Goes Along to Get Along

 Ace Will Miss Critical Yankee Series Because He's
Flying to Dominican Republic During All-Star Break

And for Seven Days, He Rested

Public Pressure Changes Pedro Plans, Now 'Overworked' Martinez Gets Extra Week Off

Harry Hooper, SoSH: Congratulations, RSN, for being played. Pedro's going to skip off to the DR for a week, and we're supposed to be happy about that?

Mr. Byrnes Says It's Pedro's Call:

Question to Josh Byrnes, Asst. GM, on The Zone: Who decides who makes the decision on what day Pedro pitches after the all-star break, the manager, the GM, a combination?

Byrnes:  "It depends on who it is, I think Pedro is such a unique pitcher, knows his body, knows the length of the season, knows a lot of things he can sort of remove himself sometimes from a decision and contribute to it. Obviously there are players where you sit them down and tell them how it's going to be, but with Pedro, not just because he's been a great pitcher, but because of his intelligence level, he certainly has a lot of say in how he's used."

Johnny Be Gone? Kansas City There He Goes

(Hey Joe Castig, this wasn't "an Internet rumor," it's
from a reporter in the Hartford Courant newspaper)

Jerry Narron Manager Audition Tonight

Grady Serves Suspension (no, not
for bullpen mismanagement)


Comeback Kids Overtake Toronto,
One Too Manny Runs for Jays

Ramirez Rallies Red Sox, Jays 7 Sox 8
Tek, 'Tiz Hit in the Clutch

(D-Lowe gets F, didn't bring A game, Manny hits
Inside-the-Park-Home-Run, but winds up at third)

Lucchino: "To the Grady Bashers: Give him credit, he made the right moves last night... you don't hear enough about the good moves."

Closing Time is Fine
(Thanks to BK, men in Blue, Jays)

The Missing Link

Tonya Harding and her band of henchmen:
ex-husband Jeff Gillooly, Derrick Smith,
Shawn Eckardt and Shane Stant, involved
in Sausagegate clubbing.

Wired Nation Shows New York Who's Boss

Varitek Crushes Giambi in Fan Vote
 (Yankee fans as lame as their players)

Lucchino: "He's part of a group that embodies this team, playing hardnosed, old school baseball, not afraid to get the uniform dirty."


(you heard it here first)
Tek it to the Bank

Jason Wins Online Vote for Star Spot (but don't stop voting)

Jonesing for a Win

Sox Go High Tek in Toronto:
Jason Drives Damon In

Sox Leave Bases Full in 10th and 11th But Get it Done in 12th 2-1

Wake Keeps Hope Alive for Seven,
Bats Go on Vacation with Halliday,
But Belli Delivers Big Blast

Mission Kimpossible

Pen Tosses Five Shutout Innings,


Assclown Sox Fan Grabs Fair Ball
and Costs Sox Win in 10th

And W.B. Mason Reminds Us that Since We Sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees,
We Haven't Won Anything


Always the Pridesmaid

Yankee B-Team Wins 2-1,
Sox Drop Four Games Back
as Moose Hangs the Noose

Same Old Story

"Oh please. This was as bad a regular season loss as you can get. In NY, your ace on the mound, about to take 3 of 4, send a message, keep momentum. For those that live and die with this team today's game IS a moment of pique. And I'll state it again. While not blaming Pedro for the loss, he certainly didn't pitch well enough to win. Plain and simple. I feel like I got kicked in the balls today for 128,987th time watching this club and I'm not going to apologize for feeling it." - Rocco Graziosa, SoSH

Same Old Song and Dance My Friend

Anati, SoSH: "No doubt about it, the Yankees deserve the praise. Unlike some other team, they always step up when it counts, they outplay the other team, they always play well enough to deserve the praise. It's always the Sox that end up tipping their cap to the other guy, and it gets old."

Mr. Pitch Count Gone After Seventh

Mr. Nobody, Enrique Wilson, and Mr. Somebody, Jason Giambi, Beat Pedro in the Sixth, Mussina Pitches a Gem.
Kim Can't Hold the Line.

Bill Lee on pitching: "If I was playing, I'd say, "Goddamn, you ain't taking that ball out of my goddamn hands. You'd have to pry it out of my cold, dead hand."

Pedro Sounds a Little Like Grady

"This is exactly what you dream about. You come to Yankee Stadium, and 55,000 people screaming for you and against you. It's exactly what fans like to see. When you say Pedro Martinez is going against Mike Mussina, (Roger) Clemens or (Andy) Pettitte, you have to expect those things to happen and that's what happened today. We had a great game, we battled, the two of us, and they won the game. Tip our hats and let it go."

Umm, no Pedro, losses in Yankee Stadium are nightmares in Red Sox Nation. And we're sick of tipping our cap to someone else every night. Let Grady go.

Georgie Porgie Speaks
(John Henry Should Listen)

"We had to send them back to Boston wondering what happened... I'm not happy. You're never happy until you win. But I'm satisfied, particularly with today. Four games is not going to be easy to make up. It shows that we have a lot of courage and heart on this team. That's what team sports and winning are all about. When they come out like they did today and win with their backs to the wall after losing two of their best players in the first inning, that tells you something. I tend to get very impatient about losing. I don't like to lose. My pressure has nothing to do with it. They responded to their manager. They responded to the challenge. They're men. They understand the importance of winning. Winning is emotional to me. I get very emotional, and I want the team to get very emotional.
They are.''

Why can't we get a manager like that John?

These Boots Were
Made for Walker

You keep saying you've got something for me.
something you call love, but confess.
You've been messin' where you shouldn't have been a messin'
and now someone else is gettin' all your best.

These boots are made for Walker, and that's just what he'll do
one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

You keep lying, when you oughta be truthin'
and you keep losin' when you oughta not bet.
You keep samin' when you oughta be changin'.
Now what's right is right, but you ain't been right yet.

These boots are made for Walker, and that's just what he'll do
one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

You keep playin' where you shouldn't be playin'
and you keep thinkin' that you´ll never get burnt.
I just found me a brand new box of matches yeah
and what he know you ain't HAD time to learn.

These boots are made for Walker, and that's just what he'll do
one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

Walker Throws Grady Under the Bus a Little:
"When you bring your infield in, you put yourself
at the mercy of balls like that..."

Shea-hole Passing More Wind

"I've been playing in Boston and trying to do their program and their plan. It finally got to the point where I got here with a lot of veteran hitters, a lot of seasoned players who know how to play the game right. They've been a great resource to me.''

Inside and Out

Jeter and Soriano out indefinitely after Pedro definitely hit them accidentally.

All-Star Snub

Vote in Varitek

"Maybe Ramon Hernandez always buys the beer - or maybe he has a
good looking sister. Who knows." -- Instant Karmma, SoSH


Yankee Doodle Andy

Pettitte. And Forget It.

Dear John: Enough with the First Inning Runs.

Yankees 7 Red Sox 1

"The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That's Pride f***ing with you.
F*** Pride. Pride only hurts, it never helps."
-- Marsellus Wallace, Pulp Fiction


Bronx Bombshell:
Mendoza No Poser

Ramiro a Go-Go

Out Duels Rocket for Five Innings

Nixon Rocks Roger Again, Ortiz Gets Comfortable with Clemens

Damon: Dog in the Dirt

Clemens Gets Crushed

"It was the most emotion we've seen from Ramirez since he heard about
a half-price sale at FAO Schwarz." -- Dan Shaughnessy


Boston 10 New York 2


Are Sox Ready to Go Back into the Belly of the Beast?


Empire Statement:

Ramiro to Start Saturday Against Clemens After Pitching Against Single-A Kids

Bronx Tales: First it was Hermanson into the Fire, Then The Matt White Experiment, Now it's Ramiro's Return.
Say Your Prayers. Cross Your Fingers.
Sox Rolling the Dice in the Bronx Again.

Theo: "He went out and threw terrific Sunday. The momentum carried
over into today, he was all smiles... if he continues to make progress, sure, there's a chance he could be in a starting role this weekend."

Holy Mismatch Statman

@ NY Friday 7/4 Lowe vs.Wells, 4:00pm, WBZ-TV4
@ NY Saturday 7/5 Mendoza vs. Clemens, 1:15pm FOX
@ NY Sunday 7/6 Burkett vs. Pettitte, 1:05pm NESN
@ NY Monday 7/7 Pedro vs. Mussina, 1:05pm NESN

Sox Stumble Into Bronx

Yankee Series Critical for Sox Condition

Deja Lose
All Over Again

Embree Oh!

Alan Saved for Another Day
(Martin Makes Sox Pay)

Little Orphan Grady:

"The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow"

Gasoline Alley Lights Fireworks

Lyon and Cryin' Time Again as
Brandon Blows Another One

Tampa trips Boston again, 6-5 in 10

Grady is dazed and confused, punts, didn't bunt, and mismanages pen again. Yuk


Millar Big HR
Eighth Inning Blast
Breaks Tie with Tampa

Kim Closes (Will He Be Fresh for NY Now?), Pedro is So-So, Out at 99 Pitches, Sox 5 Rays 4

Nixon, Nomar Go Deep Early

''There will always be concern"

-- Grady chimes in on the Delicate Dominican

Hector Al Dente

Mr. Jones Joins Sox 'Committee with Closer'

Breaking News: Grady Little will drive to Miami this morning to apologize to Atlanta manager Bobby Cox for Jack McKeon's running up the score last night when the Marlins beat the Braves 20-1.


Oh No-mar!
Missed Pick Gets Through The 5 Hole,
Another Extra-Inning Nightmare Loss

Comeback Kids Tie up Tampa,
But Nomar's 'Error' Ends Game.

It's Lyon and Cryin' Time Again as Brandon Can't Put Away Tyner.

Burkett Not Ready for Prime Time. Sox Get Down and Outs Early
Tampa Bay 4 Boston 3 in 11

Too Many R.I.S.P.L.O.B. = R.I.P for Sox

The Gabe sits tonight. Another Grady Gaffe?
Kim Set to Close.


With no apologies, Yanks run up the lead. Sorry.

Wild Card Wannabees

AL Wild




















Tampa Bay




AL East




New York








Tampa Bay












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