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Red Sox Beat Reds, Soar Over Eagles

Piece of Cake

H/W/L Get Things Done in Year One

Pen Gives It Up to Those Twins

Sox lose Grapefruit Opener 4-2

Two Year Deal, Millar Gets It

"The money wasn't important. It was just to get this thing over with and become a member of the Red Sox."

All Systems Lowe

Derek Delivers Against Twins Tonight

Grady is Ready This Time

Manager thinks players' having to "mentally prepare to deal with the media every day" cost the team wins in 2002.

No excuses acceptable in 2003.
Let's Play Ball.

The Name Game

Lucchino considers names on home uniforms

Booth Boos Pedro

Clark's Ticked off at "Prima Donna" Petey

The Two Amigos

Papi's Got a Brand New Baerga

Millar Knows Media

"It's a way for a player to speak to the fans because obviously you can't speak to each and every fan"


a.k.a. Sports Final as Buckley, Edes, Shaughnessy, and Neumeier go at it in no-holds-barred match.

Missing Person in Sox Rotation?

Robert cranks it up to 91 mph on Saturday


Theo walks away empty-handed at 45th Grammy Awards

"It's not easy playing in Boston, but it's the best place to play. I like playing here.'' - Tim Wakefield

Petey Throws a Change-Up

Misunderstood Martinez backs off threat to leave Boston if deal is not done by March 30th.

"I'm not saying they have to. No, I wouldn't guarantee I would walk (if the option isn't picked up by the end of the spring). I'd have to see why (it wasn't picked up) or if it's going to be worked out."

"I would like to just shut my mouth right now and let the Red Sox work. I'm here to work, I'm here to get ready. I'm not here to yap yap about my contract. I hope you guys let it go right now. I'm not going to talk about this any more. For my fans in Boston, I want to stay in Boston. That's all I said. And I want to know if I'm going to stay in Boston now. That's all I said. I'm not talking about this anymore." - 2.21 WEEI, Dennis & Callahan

"Crucify me if you want to" over previous comments.
The Dennis & Callahan interview

Grudge Dred

Manny Still Mad at the Media,
So Nation Won't Hear Anything Ramirez Says

Nervous Nomar Uncomfortably Numb

Answers bring more questions as Nomar's not telling it like it is.

2.19.03: "No disrespect, but I don't even know the
(official scorer's) name.

9.18.02: "I never called Charlie Scoggins, never did it in
five to six years, never happened."

Spring Training Complex

Does 'Happy' Camper Have Issues?

The Buzz on Ted

"I want the whole world to know what they've done to Ted. This was absolutely horrifying."


Manny Finally Ready to Walk-the-Walk, but Still Won't Talk-the-Talk

Muscle Manny

Off-season conditioning pays off as Manny to report to camp at 225 lbs. solid muscle.

A far cry from the fat guy that showed up last February:

Ramirez Ready to Run

Hammy's no longer a problem, Manny now runs 30-yard dash in 3.2 seconds; wants to steal more bases.

Kev in Camp

Cabin Fever:
SoSH Writes the Book on Millar

Sound Bites

Little Thoughts

2.17 - With WEEI's Dennis & Callahan:

On getting past the Yankees

GL: In my one year as manager of the Boston Red Sox, you see Boston Red Sox fans all over the country, not just in New England, they're everywhere, they're everywhere we go and they all have the same line to me, they say "I've lived and died with the Red Sox since '46, since '51, since '57... and they always say "I lived and died" with the Red Sox, we're gonna set out this year to try to take the last part of that phrase out of their comment. The died part needs to fade away, and the only way that's going to happen if we come out on top.

On Bill James

Bill James has a lot of good points, it's a pleasure to have him on board with us here to give us a little bit of first hand insight on his points, but when the time comes to make calls in a ballgame, I'll make them and I'll live and die with them.

On his contract:

GC: Do you want to demand a contract extension right here and now? It's about respect as we heard the other day...

GL: Well I don't know what you read and hear about but these kind of things work themselves out, I worked on a one year contract for my whole baseball career, up until last year when they gave me two, but heck, that will work itself out. That's not something that I'm going to think anything about during this spring training. We're gonna try and get ourselves ready. How well this ballclub does is gonna dictate my outcome, and it's gonna dictate a lot of people's outcome, so we're gonna try and make it as good as it can be.

GiamBig Time

2.17 - With WEEI's Dale & Neumy:

Jeremy on his reputation as "a carouser with the A's

JG: Well you know, I think I know when there's a time to have fun and a time to work, this is definitely a year where it's time to work. I've got a lot of things to prove out there on the field, I had a career year last year in homers and some other things, so hopefully if I get a full-time job and full at-bats hopefully I can have a career year and help the Sox get to the pennant.

On the logjam at first base/DH

JG: Well, quite a bit of guys here, there is a clog, Theo has indicated that it won't be a problem with playing time, so I'm putting my trust in him that everything is gonna work out and he knows I've been down here for 10 days already, working hard, so I'm trying to get as comfortable as I can in a new position and trying to do everything I can... I think as a player that has had my career, and has had some full time stints in a part of a season in coming in they said 'this is your best chance to get 500 at-bats, and I said 'whatever it takes, let's go, you want me here early, I'll be here, you want me here late, I'll stay late, so I've kinda been 'hey whatever it's gonna take to get 500 at-bats, let's go do it."

"I Deserve It"

Martinez Gets Back to Business

Pedro says if Sox don't pick up option early "they don't want me around."

Petey Confident Sox Will Extend Him

"I would like to finish" with the Red Sox, Martinez said. "I like the challenge of spending so much time without winning it. I'd like to be part of the first team that's going to win it."


And All Systems Lowe

 Japan Surrenders Kevin

Resolution Announcement Any Minute Now, Stick with Us Bob Lobel


First Things First

Jeremy Gets a Jump Start

Is Cupid Spelled Millar?

The Dragon Slayer Gets Free

JapanEdes: Boston to Pay $1.2M for Millar the Marlin

Here We Go

D-Lowe Won't Be Denied

Haywood Sullivan Dies

Former Sox Owner and GM, link to '67, '75, '86 Teams is Gone

Grady "The Force" Little Will Be With Him.

''I think I can be a little more firm in some areas,'' Little said. ''Last year, I wasn't as firm as I should have been.

On Mr. Martinez:  "I'll talk to Petey about it, see how he feels about it. The bottom line is, anybody in that situation has to be ready to do the job, and do the job good. Hell, Grady Little's no different than him.''

Globe: Last year some players became too easily distracted from the business at hand, either because of all the strike talk or their personal issues.

"There may be a move"

Theo working on deal, and looking forward to putting the focus on the field.

Mick's the Pick!

Third Time's the Charm for Blue Terrier as Grizzled Vet Takes Best of Show

"I just wanted him to keep it together, and the rest was up to him,'' handler Bill McFadden said. ''It was an awesome lineup.''


With Looming War and High Risk of Terrorist Attacks, Japan Surrenders Millar.

Herald: "Red Sox have no inside track"


Equipment van makes the trip from Fenway to Fort Myers today.


Give it Up for the Red Sox GM

"Why are we fiscally responsible? Not because we are cheap; we are not. Not because we are afraid of large commitments; we are not. Not because we would rather pursue non-tenders or particularly enjoy reading through thousands of minor league free agent reports instead; we don't (well, maybe sometimes). Quite simply, we are fiscally responsible because the alternative would be a disaster. Fiscal irresponsibility is the single quickest way to hamstring a franchise for a decade."

Will D-Lowe Be Ready to Go?

Favorite son sheds light on cancer.

The Millar Minute-by-Minute Minutia:

MLB Working on Resolution. Could be days, or months, away.

Yankees Fill Final Roster Spots

Jamesian Theory: Nixon's the One

2.5.03 Bill James on WEEI's Dennis & Callahan:

GC: Can you tell us in evaluating this Red Sox team, since you took the job, somebody, anybody who is underrated by us, and you, in doing your analysis, realized that maybe this guy is better than we think?

BJ: I think there are underappreciated Red Sox, Trot Nixon is a very capable player who in some ways deserves more credit for what he's done for the Red Sox than he has gotten.

GC: Why?

BJ: The player who does a lot of things well is a lot of times harder to recognize than the player who does one thing well, and Trot's a pretty good defensive outfielder, he's a guy who gets on-base, some. He has some power. And he's not a player who does one thing... if he had half as much power but hit .320, he wouldn't be any more valuable, but, he would get more recognition. So I think he'd be one person who comes to mind.

GC: Who's overrated? You can use a Yankee if you like.

BJ: The Yankees are really good, I hate to admit that. The second baseman last year was (A) a legitimate MVP candidate, but (B) also overrated by some people. Yes (he was flashy).

GC: A big deal has been made here this off-season about patience at the plate, one of the reasons Shea Hillenbrand has been on the trading block, and these other guys Mueller, Walker, and maybe Millar are coming into the fold. Does that emanate from you or is that just something you have in common with Theo Epstein and Larry Lucchino. Do you believe as strongly as they do in plate discipline?

BJ: I think it's something... that comes from Theo... comes indirectly from me perhaps because I was writing about that issue for a long time when Theo was rather young, but in that sense it comes indirectly from me, but in a direct way it comes from Theo.

JD: Is this closer by committee idea... that's yours, that's your baby...

BJ: I wouldn't say so. I'm very happy if Grady wants to use his bullpen that way but I'm very happy if he wants to use a closer... that's not my problem...

JD: Alright, give us the basic outline of what closer by committee means, why in your mind it can be, not necessarily will be, but can be successful?

BJ: What some teams do in some cases. This is not my decision. I have not in any way, shape, or form advocated closer-by-committee, haven't used that term, that's really a misunderstanding. But what some teams do in some cases is designate one of their relievers to be a star and then create a star aura for him by creating save situations, then paying him a lot of money on him to be a star. It doesn't really, in some cases, make a lot of practical sense, because it creates mismanaging of the game, and it creates misuse of resources by forcing the team to pay somebody a lot of money to handle situations that, in some cases, other people could handle.

GC: What would you like to see happen to change the game of baseball Bill?

BJ: The time management issues are a big thing with me. When you get in the batter's box you outta be in there to hit and I believe when the batter gets in the batters box, the umpire should not call time. The game is on. You get in there, let's get it on.

I think you ought to limit throws to first. To say that the pitcher has to get the batter on or out within only wasting four throws to home plate or the guy goes to first... but he can stand there and throw to first base 25 times if he wants to, that doesn't make any sense to me, I think that's just a hole in the game.


Gordon gets the in on MLB staying out.

Humpty Dumpty, Sit on the Wall

Hot Ticket

Fans Steamed About Season Ticket Holders' Sweetheart Deal

Dee spells out ABC's of "Course Management"

Lucchino Responds to Criticism

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