Floyd on WEEI 5:15pm with Dickerson, Levan Reed, and Felger.

(Cliff BigRedDog, sounds exactly like Harold Reynolds on Baseball Tonight, very affable, funny, quick, entertaining... ain't goin' nowhere next year, I'll stick that in my little prediction box right now. This guy retires here.)

CF: ...Getting off that turf and coming to Boston is a great situation. This is a great team, not taking anything for granted, great place for the future, just as important as being here now.  I love Mr. Henry as an owner, he lived up to his word back with the Marlins, nothing against Oakland, but they really didn't make the hard push.

LR: Love being in front of big crowds.

CF: No doubt man, just going back to hotel, the security, man, I told my mom, I go outside and everybody is there to see us, Nomar, Manny, Damon... I'm tellin' you man, I'm just tryin' to fit myself into this little puzzle (hah).

CF: Yeah, I think down the line (I can play first base), just mentally for our team's sake a mental adjustment go in there and play, probably something I can work on, trained to do again, give myself a lot of time to work on it for next year... if I'm here next year (like ooops, gotta say that).

More left, right, some DH. We talked about 1b, but good idea to put it off. If we weren't doing well, I might do it to get used to it right away. But now just leave me in LF so I don't mess up too much.

GD: If you were in an NL ballpark and they asked you to play 1B, could you do it... what I'm gonna' do, and I haven't talked to skip, I think I'll just mess around over there, take a few balls, don't care where I'm at just want to contribute.

Adjustment with pitchers, league?

CF: For me a little bit of the pitchers, and the surrounding. For me they all gotta' throw the ball over the plate, you have types, more off speed type league, Chan Ho throwing sliders up 12-1 so there you go.. you have to get adjusted real quick, how you see.... I couldn't see nothin' out if left field with those lights and the sun... I'm gonna' give 100% every day, prepare myself like I know I should, that's all I can ask for myself.

Tommy Harper. Was in your wedding, glad to have him around?

CF: A Blessing man. I thank God for that. I couldn't ask for better situation, I love him to death, he kept me in big leagues. I was gonna' quit, my hands hurt, big thing back then was my stance. Felipe Alou changed my stance, big leg kick. Change or go to Triple A, he helped me to change. Hasn't got me to the 50 HR I thought I could put up back then but I'm feeling good up there now...

Different kind of hitter now right?

CF: Stayin' healthy, that's one. It's really good, can't ask for anything more than my body is giving me....kept sayin' new turf, I said where? Looked like same junk only greener.

I know I only have 13 SB, but I'm a smart stealer, if you need run in eighth inning, I'm gonna' get it for you. I'm counting on finishing my season strong, that's what I'm gonna' do.

GD: If strike were posed, how would you vote?

CF: No. Def. against it. No doubt it feels better now than a few weeks ago. I've missed all meetings b/c I've been traded so much. I got shirts here, pants there. Lady in Montreal charged me $4,000 bucks (hee heee) to get out.

CF: I felt bad man. Every time you read something. I read the paper every day. That hurts me. I don't know why. Some guys are like that. I hate situations when someone has to be on the outs. For me it's sad man.

I'm 6'4" 235... hee haaa heee ...thanks man.... haaa...

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Howry with Stearns, Rico, Smith on The Zone.

(Howry really laid-back disposition, but sounds very competitive, nice guy too, LL was right about the personality and character of these two pickups)

How does it feel to be on the Sox?

BH: Not exactly power pitcher, a guy in between. Not a big SO guy, going to get a lot of ground balls.

(Strike) Furthest thing from my mind, couple of days from setting date, will focus on it then. It's not guaranteed to happen, good chance we can get something worked out.

Rico: Grady talk to you about how he'll use you? 2 innings, 1 inning?

BH: Said be ready for anything after the fifth inning, different roles, I'll be ready for that.

BS: Give me your description of what it was like for you arriving yesterday, Offy blow up, romp...

BH: Already was going to be weird in new uniform.. TX offense was hot b4 we got there... wasn't there, never even heard about it re: Offerman outburst...

I've been facing these guys the past few years. Grew up in Phoenix... ASU fan... Mesa? Oh it's a bad place, someone who didn't spend a lot of time in AZ... tough to compare Phoenix to other big cities, we don't have big downtown... Scottsdale probably most popular place... 2 yrs. in Jr. College in AZ, then McNeese state, Lake Charles....

Rico: What was your perception of fans, press?

BH: In my role, never had to talk to press a whole lot. Fans, can definitely tell they're loyal to the team.

BS: What's the feel on this team? What's clubhouse like?

BH: Seems to be good bunch of guys, relaxed but do what they have to do, tough for me to judge after one game, and we don't face them much anymore... you miss guys on the team when you leave, last three years, friendships are what you miss... you can keep in contact on the phone, only this time I'll be doing it on a winning team... Tonight? That's up to Grady. As far as me being ready? I'm ready every night.